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Armidale Physio Plus

Our Wonderful Team

Mary Sutherland is the Principal Physiotherapist at Armidale Physio Plus.

Mary is a fully qualified physio with long experience in a broad number of techniques.
She is also a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Bones for Life Practitioner and Trainer.
Her approach is to teach clients more efficient postural & movement patterns, to allow easy, more painfree movement.
Mary works with children & adults, including musculo-skeletal, neurological, sports & chronic pain clients, and many others.

Emma Gray is a Senior Physiotherapist working at Physio Plus.

Emma has been practicing since 2005, is highly experienced in acute and chronic pain management and has a hands-on approach to treatments using a variety of soft tissue and joint mobility techniques.
She specialises in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy, and utilises exercise rehabilitation in her treatments. Emma has also completed extra training in diagnostic ultrasound and muscle re-education.
A qualified Pilates instructor, Emma has completed courses with Stott Pilates and the Queensland Institute of Pilates in both mat and equipment styles.
Emma is enthusiastic about assisting people to regain painfree movement and a speedy recovery with treatment for:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • All muscle and joint conditions
Bookings for physiotherapy sessions and Clinical Pilates classes can be made by contacting Armidale Physio plus by phone, email or in person.
Emergency appointments are also possible.

Jacqui Buntine is also a Senior Physiotherapist working at Armidale Physio Plus.

Jacqui has been a qualified and practicing physiotherapist for over twenty years, and has worked with patients at Physio Plus for more than three years.
she worked with the highly repected and talented Sarah Key for over five years, and incorporates this unique manual therapy technique into her whole of body approach.
As well as being highly experienced in dealing with back and neck problems, Jacqui is equally competent in common joint and musculo-skeletal problems. She has a sqecial interest in restoring balance after episodes of skeletal disfunction.

Fundamental to our approach is evidence based treatment founded on correct diagnosis; involving a comprehensive history, physical examination and review of x-rays and scans to discover the primary contributing factors for your specific condition.
Treating the cause of the problem, rather than merely working on the symptoms, gives the best, most lasting and beneficial clinical results. We always aim to provide the best results to you.

Carole and Linda co-operate the Front Desk, and have considerable experience in Health Services management and reception.
They are happy to assist you with your inquiry and to make and change your appointments.

For information or appointments, please call 0267 72 0222 during office hours, drop in and have a chat with Carole and Linda, or use the email link at the bottom of the left hand column to send a message.

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