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Clinical Pilates at Armidale Physio Plus

Armidale Physio Plus occiasionally offers Clinical Pilates classes.
"Clinical Pilates" is a widely recognised mode of therapeutic exercise for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. Clinical Pilates integrates clinical research and practice with the "Pilates method", a system of exercises that stretch and strengthen the stabilising muscles of the shoulders, spine and pelvis.

What is the purpose of Clinical Pilates?
Muscles work together to maintain our posture and produce smooth, coordinated movements, however due to weakness or injury, we don't always use the right muscles at the right time. This will often lead to muscle tightness, pain and potentially further injury. A painful cycle!
Clinical Pilates aims to help you regain control over your muscles through light and controlled exercises that teach you to turn on the right muscles at the right time. Some muscles will be strengthened, some will be stretched with the goal of improving the way you move and feel. Importantly, these improvements translate to reduce pain and enhance your ability to work and play!

Is Pilates right for me?
Our classes are designed to teach you correct postures and how to use some of the "smaller" muscles that stabilise our joints. This will specifically benefit those experiencing chronic aches and pain, such as low back or neck pain.
Clinical Pilates will also benefit those wanting to improve their balance, posture and assist with injury rehabilitation. Clinical Pilates is for men and women, old and young of any fitness level. Exercises can be tailored to improve anyone's general wellbeing.

What is available at Physio Plus?
We occiasionally offer courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each course includes a one-hour class each week, for six weeks. Courses are designed to follow on from one another, progressively improving your posture, strength and control.
As you progress, you will be able to apply the principles and movements learnt in your classes to activities at work, around the home and when participating in sports.

Beginning the programme
To ensure you get the most out of your classes, we need to know how well you can control specific muscles and your history of injuries and/or pain. Therefore, before you start our Pilates classes you must attend a one-on-one consultation before commencing the "beginners" course. In this session, we will use a diagnostic ultrasound to show you how you are currently using your deep abdominal muscles, and if necessary, help you to use them correctly. Diagnostic ultrasound is the same scanning technique used to take images of babies during pregnancy, except in this instance, it is used to image specific muscles.
This is an important step in making sure you know how to control specific muscles in upcoming classes. Where you have specific injuries or pain, we will also perform a musculoskeletal assessment so she can include specific exercises to rehabilitate your injury or relieve pain.

Contact us now, either by phone, email or just drop in and have a chat to find out how we can help you.

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