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Taken in either tablet or powder form, Glucosamine is one of the main building blocks of healthy cartilage.
It is this cartilage lining of the joints that breaks down and wears away in people with arthritis.
Glucosamine works by reducing the production of inflammatory chemicals, thereby relieving pain, and maintaining the health and integrity of the cartilage within the joint.
For this reason, it's also extremely beneficial to take in the early stages of arthritic development (crunching, grinding, or excessively clicky joints); if there is a family history of arthritis, or if your work or sporting activity places excessive demands on your joints.

We recommend Doctors' Selection Glucosamine 1000.
Click to download an information paper on Doctors Selection 1000 Glucosamine.

There is a good article on Glucosamine in Wikipedia.
More information is also available from the website.