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Pauline Chiarellis
"Women's Water Works" Book


Here's how others have reviewed the Women's Water Works book ...
"This small, 64 page book subtitled 'Curing incontinence' takes a light hearted approach to the serious subject, of urinary incontinence for women

Dr Pauline Chiarelli currently a Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy at Newcastle University, drawing on her previous clinical experience, uses simple language and diagrams to take the reader through basic anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor, causes of pelvic floor dysfunction, tests available and two chapters on regaining control of the urinary symptoms associated with weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles.

A brief summary which highlights the main points is included at the end of each chapter.

Some of the statistics in this book are frightening for women in Australia who do not have detailed knowledge of their pelvic floor, and do not use their body on a daily basis in a manner which physiologically works this group of muscles. According to Dr Chiarelli, 36% of women over 45 will suffer incontinence.

Written for woman of all ages, the self help guide on regaining control of the pelvic floor muscle group is easy to read, has simple clear instructions and reinforces the fact, that like any muscle which is damaged, the pelvic floor group will take time to repair or regain strength. Resources for women who require further assistance or guidance from a health professional are provided at the back of the book.

This book should be essential reading for every pregnant or menopausal women, who then needs to share the information with her mother, grandmother, girlfriends and neighbours."

Alesa Koziol
Clinical Midwifery Educator

For more information visit Paulines web site .