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Mary O'Dwyer's
My Pelvic Flaw


Mary O’Dwyer is a pelvic floor physiotherapist, trained at the Universities of Queensland and Melbourne. Everyday in her clinical work Mary hears women’s stories of pelvic floor failure and pain. Through education and physical retraining these women develop life changing self awareness, a feeling of empowerment to control pelvic floor problems and gain a renewed enjoyment of life.

"We work on the rest of our bodies, why not our pelvic floor? We all need help on how to work it." - Susie O'Neill, Olympic and Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist.

"Today, women's worst habit contributing to pelvic floor problems is constantly drawing back the waist to flatten their stomach. Researchers show that narrowing the abdomen at the waist, increases pressure inside the abdomen which in turn puts pressure down on the pelvic floor." - Mary O'Dwyer, Physiotherapist and Pelvic Floor Coach.

This is just one of the flaws highlighted in this book, which contains new evidence based information to help women learn the facts for all female life stages:.

What has my waist got to do with my pelvic floor?
What has breathing got to do with my pelvic floor?
Why do some women experience pain with sex?
How can sit ups cause pelvic floor problems?
What can I teach my children about their pelvic floor?
Why do elite athletes without children have pelvic floor problems?

Click here to download and read a brief interview with Mary O'Dwyer

Click to watch this video interview with Mary O'Dwyer

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