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Posture Pals

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Posture Pals are adhiesive spine supports designed by an Australian musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, to help manage spinal alignment and posture.
They allow you to move better movement, feel better and look better.
PosturePals work in three ways: 1. Restriction 2. Recognition 3. Re-education

Posture Pal benefits include:

� comfortable to wear and do not dig in or rub under the arms like many braces
� do not get wet so unlike tape they will not wet your clothes after showering and do not smell like tape tends to do after a couple of days
� are better able to correct position as they adhere directly to your skin. They don’t rely on being tightened (until you can’t breathe) to stay in place
� retrain by encouraging you to correct your position. You cannot hang off them like other braces (which may actually reinforce bad patterns)
� conceal easily under clothing
� are simple to apply

More information is available from the New Inventors at ABC TV and from the Posture Pals website.