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Are you in pain? - Myofascial dysfunction is commonly felt as general muscle pain, sciatica, tendonitis, joint pain and muscular stiffness, general muscle fatigue, osteo-arthritic pain, back ache, headaches, or sporting injuries. Have you ever experienced muscle tightness that cannot be relieved by stretching?
If you have any of these, then you can be helped by the Pocket Physio.
The Pocket Physio is a self help massage tool which can also be used to massage others. The Pocket Physio can help prevent and treat muscular pain and other muscular disorders caused by Myofascial Dysfunction.
The Pocket Physio was developed by Physiotherapists as a simple inexpensive tool to release muscle tension.

Trigger Points are specific areas within muscles that cause increased muscle tightness and occasionally, referred pain. The pictures which accompany this tool show simple ways of using the pocket physio to self, manage or treat these points. Adressing the onset of muscle tightness by regular use of the pocket physio is an effective way to prevent further muscle tightness and the possibility of injury.

What to Expect: Once you find a trigger point by positioning the ball as described;

� You will feel initial discomfort and possibly radiating pain
� This will ease after approximately 1-2 minute
� Continue to move the pocket physio on each point until your discomfort ease - your muscle is beginning to relax
� Repeating this over a period will assist in removing painful muscle tension
� Move to a new trigger point following the guide

What is a Trigger Point? As a result of in most cases relatively minor trauma or muscle overuse people can develop hyper-irritable spots or "Trigger Points" within tight bands of muscle or fascia. These points are most often painful on compression with palpation and can give rise to referred pain, local muscle tenderness and occasional autonomic nervous system symptoms - coldness, burning or stinging.
Trigger Points can be:

� Deep or achey
� Cause decreased ranges of motion
� Often be limited to one area of the body

Palpation will reveal:

� Either a knotty or doughy area in a muscle
� A twitch response - sudden pain with palpation
� Latent pain - pain following sustained pressure i.e. after one minute.

Click below to view the Pocket Physio Product Use Guides
Pocket Physio Information Page 1
Pocket Physio Information Page 2

A little more information (not much :) is available from the Pocket Physio website.