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Nose Pipe

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Daily irrigation of the nose gently cleanses the passageways of pathogens, allergens, and dust particles. By assisting the natural cleansing function of the mucous membranes, the normal nasal defence mechanism is returned and enhanced, alleviating many common nasal conditions. Daily use of Sinus Solutions' Nose Pipe® is no different from other habits of personal hygiene. It is as easy as brushing your teeth and as refreshing as taking a shower. Notice the sense of taste and smell improve after using the Nose Pipe.


Your Nose Pipe is for personal use and should not be used by anyone else unless it has been sanitised. Any bleeding should be reported to a doctor. Those with ear drum perforations or or tube problems should consult with their doctor before use. Discontinue nasal irrigation if symptoms become worse and consult your doctor. Individuals with special health considerations, head or facial anatomy anomolies should always consult with a physician before irrigating.

More information is available from the Nose Pipe website.