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The Use of Cold and Hot therapy to treat injury and pain has been known to doctors for centuries. The simplicity of use and the fact that it treats pain and speeds recovery so effectively, means Medi-Pak can be used safely to treat localised pain and injury without the need for internally taken drugs. Medi-Pak is Australia's #1 selling Drug Free Pain Relief.
Medi-Pak Hot/Cold packs are useful for the treatment of a wide range of conditions:

• Soft tissue injuries
• Chronic back & joint pain
• Headaches and fever
• Minor stings and bites
• Bruising

The packs are used by health professionals, sports professionals and in first aid kits at work and home around Australia and overseas.
The packs can be used both hot and cold and can be conveniently stored in the freezer for immediate use.
For heat applications, microwave the pack. It will be ready for use in minutes.

A speedy recovery with Medi-Pak

Following an injury, blood vessels rupture and cause blood to pump freely (hemorrhaging) and form pockets under the skin resulting in bruising and swelling (edema) at the injury site. Bruising and swelling puts extra pressure on the surrounding area and causes pain and restricted movement. Application of a cold Medi-Pak immediately following an injury restricts blood flow to the affected area and allows the delicate blood vessels time to repair. Cold Medi-Paks may be applied for a maximum of 15 minutes and removed for 20 minutes for up to the first 48 hours following an injury. The same Medi-Pak may be used hot after the first 48 hours, to increase blood flow to the injured area and increase the supply of essential nutrients to aid the rebuilding of damaged tissue.

Cold Therapy

Store Medi-Pak in freezer. Wrap your Medi-Pak in a light towel and apply to injured area, molding the pack to ensure good surface contact with your skin (you may want to keep it in place with a pressure bandage.) It is recommended that Medi-Paks are to be used for a maximum of 15 minutes on / 20 minutes off for the first 48-72 hours following an injury. Rest the injured area and elevate when possible.

Heat Therapy

Heat your Medi-Pak following the directions on the box. (either microwaving or boiling method). Wrap your Medi-Pak in a light towel and apply to the painful area. (You may want to keep it in place with a pressure bandage.) The gentle heat from Medi-Pak will increase blood flow to the affected site relaxing and soothing tired or cramped muscles and making stiff and arthritic joints more mobile.

More information is available from the Medi-Pak website.