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You will benefit from Airogym if you are:

� deskbound
� travelling for 4+ hours
� suffering from swollen ankles
� muscle / joint pain
� elderly
� immobile
� pregnant with swollen ankles
� diabetic
� recieving dialysis treatment

Click here to see Airogym Exercises, or here to see a short movie about airogym.

Prevention of DVT

The most common risk factor for deep vein thrombosis is immobility. If you are in hospital the doctors and nurses are fully aware of this and use a combination of heparin injections and stockings to thin the blood and keep the flow of blood through the veins as fast as possible. If you are immobile for any other reason, such as taking a long car or aeroplane journey, then the most important prevention factors are to keep well hydrated, to wear properly fitted graduated pressure stockings and to keep your legs moving regularly using a proven device such as the Airogym.
For more information regarding DVT please click here and here.

More information is available from the AiroGym website.