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Get One Ergonomic Chairs

* are designed by a physiotherapist, incorporating unique features for improving and correcting posture to ensure comfort when seated.
* are endorsed by Anna-Louise Bouvier, nationally acclaimed exercise physiotherapist, author, presenter and founder of Physiocise as well as Ross Smith, Australian Head Olympic Physiotherapist.
For further info please watch the video below or get information about the GetOne chair from the ErgoTherapy Website
Click here for Ergonomic advice about chair use with computers.

* Patented lumbar support: angled and contoured to support the curves of the lumbar spine
* Extra variability height adjustable armrests
* High-quality moulded foam seat with waterfall front edge
* Extra variability seat height
* Fully adjustable backrest angle with unique forward of vertical positioning for keyboarding
* Backrest tension adjustable providing variable support and comfort
* Backrest reaches shoulder-height on average person

* Superior lumbar support
* 5 year warranty
* Easy to use
* Reasonably priced and only sold through therapists and health practitioners