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BackJoy gently tilts your pelvis forward to correctly align your spine. This allows your body weight to be placed on the correct weight bearing bones, alleviating pain and strain from the spine's muscles and ligaments.

Complete Sleeprrr contour pillows feature 'higher' and 'lower' sides as well as contour variance for maximum individual support and comfort for side or back sleeping.

Dentons Posturelle Back Support cushion is specifically designed to snugly support the lower back during extended periods of sitting to ease fatigue and pain. The unique, fully moulded, two plane shape offers both lateral and vertical support for total comfort.

ErgoFurn Seating is built utilising superior mechanisms, components and foam supports to ensure optimum performance and postural support. All ErgoFurn seating carries a six year manufacturers warranty.

Ergo Therapy Chairs are physiotherapist designed, fully adjustable, economical and durable office chairs with a five year warranty.